Four Factors that Can Derail AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence can keep us healthy, but providers don’t get reimbursed to keep you healthy; they get reimbursed for office visits and hospital admissions.

Being on the precipice of the great AI promise and adventure, here are my 4 things that can derail AI in medicine.

1. Ethics – There are more questions than answers here, but the reality is clear. AI has its risks as demonstrated by the recent Tesla fatality.

2. Fiscal states of hospital – According to a report from the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, 83 rural hospitals closed between 2010 and 2018. More are on the way.

3. Privacy – Assuming that HIPAA guidelines will also govern AI, how will machine language comply?

4. Fear – Who really knows what is going on with data under the purview of Google and Facebook — the latter being a company falling victim to unforeseen nefarious actors. If I talk to Alexa, where is that data going?

As AI matures, these hospitals will fall further behind more affluent places of care.

Source: healthsystemCIO

Four Factors that Can Derail AI in Healthcare